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Customer Segmentation & Ecommerce Analytics App
Best app for customer segmentation and eCommerce analysis. Increase Shopify's sales and exponentially increase ecommerce revenue today!

Predictive and robust analytics for your store
Target the right audience and manage data!
Enhance customer personalization with predefined segments
Customer segmentation includes over 20+ unique segments that can be exported and uploaded to your preferred marketing platform. See insights for each segment, including lifetime value, revenue, average order value, and top products purchased.

Power your email marketing with highly customizable segments.
With Audiencefy, you can create more specific email campaigns for your customers by segmenting your Shopify customers into more than 20 predefined audience segments. Not only does it increase your brand engagement, but it also improves conversion rates and sales.

Now you can do more A/B testing with your audience based on what segment they belong to.

Get super granules with segmentation
Understand product segments, such as the most profitable products or the best bundles, and navigate to the individual segments to learn more about what is helping or deteriorating your store's performance. The segmentation of Audiencefy gives you the right information so that you can optimize your store's sales plan.

Customer Behavior Analysis
Widespread data is a major problem for reporting and analytics in e-commerce.

Audiencefy gives you valuable insights into the quality of consumer life and buying behaviour.

Our additional features include:
- Predefined segmentation - more than 20 audience segments to use in your marketing campaigns
- Customer segmentation
- E-commerce integration with your favorite tools - Magento, Shopify
- Unlimited data analyzed
- Advanced filtering