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Show your expertise, share your knowledge with the community, boost your visibility connects the world of Ecommerce with vendors dedicated to personalization technology. We are the online presentation platform for brands, products and services and offer an accessible opportunity to engage with users and decision makers in the still growing Ecommerce industry.

Increasing demand for personalisation solutions
Marketers, IT managers and decision makers from all over the world use to orient themselves on and inform themselves about the wide range of personalisation tools and software. The demand for innovative solutions is increasing enormously. After all, every player in the fiercely competitive Ecommerce market wants to distinguish themselves with an ultimate Customer Experience. And that starts with personalisation.

Know your customers in the world of Ecommerce
Who are your potential customers and what exactly are they looking for? Where are your biggest opportunities in the dynamic world of Ecommerce? maps out your market worldwide, generates leads, and offers a world of possibilities for drawing the market to you and establishing one-on-one contact with the players that matter. Our growing group of users is consciously and actively looking for reliable information and suitable propositions in automation solutions for personalization of E-business.

How to add value to your proposition is the only international community that makes the total worldwide supply of personalisation software findable, accessible and transparent. Our strength is our independence. Thorough and neutral information comes first. Vendors are assured of a free, findable position on our knowledge platform. It is also possible to support this position with a diversity of visibility and support services.

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Grab your position on the platform that presents the current international offering of innovative personalization tools and software to the global Ecommerce industry.


Take advantage of our independence as a knowledge platform where we show potential customers the way to selecting personalisation software with product presentations, blogs, reviews and trend and news articles.

Leading has the unique authority to act as a neutral guide as well as a comparison and selection platform. Our information is dynamic and up-to-date. Our reputation in the world of Ecommerce is solid and broad.


Our knowledge platform is optimally accessible to international vendors. You can have relevant product descriptions posted for free. Furthermore, it is possible to increase your international sales and growth potential by using a variety of presentation and promotion options.

Focus is the selection platform that focuses on the most crucial challenge in Ecommerce - personalization of the Customer Journey. This means: direct access to the most relevant target group and unique data analyses.

Much more than standard

The strength of is the completeness of its offering. That is why membership of our community is free of charge for every vendor. Company and product descriptions with their own logo are free of charge. The principle behind is that potential clients can approach the vendor(s) of their choice directly. If required, we can act as a neutral advisor and mediator.

Free membership with maximum flexibility in upgrades
In addition to the Free Membership you can choose to upgrade at any time. These range from Premium, Corporate until Unlimited. Each upgrade provides access to effective, supporting data, presentation and promotional features for a small fee. These range from the posting of corporate blogs, additional company pages and banners, and participation in data analytics. For full details, please request our vendor information.

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Independent information on all Online Personalization solutions

Honest information

All suppliers on are free mention. For research and maintenance we ask suppliers for a voluntary contribution for additional content options. In the overviews we list all suppliers, for a 100% independent comparison.

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