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What is Online Personalization?
Online Personalization tools optimize your customer contacts and the customer experience


What is Online Personalization?

You know that personalization of the customer journey is the success factor in Ecommerce. B2C, B2B or D2C, your customers want you to know them and serve them. Using the right personalization tools will help you stay relevant. This leads to measurably better business results.

Personal is relevant
You are relevant when you provide your customers with information and products that match their needs and preferences. Personalization therefore starts with collecting, monitoring and applying customer data. Does your current Ecommerce platform provide the required technology for that? Then choose a suitable one CDP solution.

Why use personalization tools?
Figures don't lie. 85% of online consumers says that personalized ads positively influence their online purchasing behavior. 55% says personalization contributes to repeat business, more than 40% think it is worth a positive review. 80% wants to continue to receive personalized content after purchase.

Your competitors are not sleeping!
And beware: more than 60% of the online consumers indicate that they switch to another brand if they do not experience your communication as relevant and personal.

Call your customers by name
What sounds better? 'Dear driver' or 'Dear Max'? And what suits your customers better? 'Dear Anouk' or 'Dear Ms De With'. Know your customers, substantiate your choice with data, and use the tools that strengthen the personal relationship with your customers.

Tools and techniques
The use of customer names in e-mails and Ecommerce magazines, as well as in images and videos, is the most commonly used personalization technique. Your customers appreciate it. But there's more. Tools and techniques to be applied can be further divided into: segmentation, online recommendation and persuasion.

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Segmentation tools

Recognize customers/visitors via cookie or log-in and segment based on preferences from historical and real-time click behavior. Tools generate personalized on-site content: relevant products/services, banners and order information. The personalized user experience supports the buying decision. Particularly suitable for small to medium-sized product ranges.

Profit: more binding, higher conversion

Online recommendation tools

Automatic recognition of the visitor/customer. Algorithms analyze in real-time what can be relevant and show concrete product options. Applicable on your platform and can be forwarded to mailings. Especially suitable for a larger range. Fully automatic and self-learning. Applied by the big platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Rakuten and Zalando, but also available for smaller companies.

Profit: the customer sees immediately what he is looking for

Persuasion tools

Seduction is based on emotions that subconsciously play a decisive role in decision-making. Think of scarcity, wanting to belong, brand loyalty and involvement. Tools generate content that appeals to these emotions. Think of reviews, real-time discounts, claims such as 'gone', 'last chance', or 'now the lowest price'. Many travel and booking sites use this technique.

Profit: extra boost increases conversion

What is Online Personalization for you?

You don't have to limit yourself to one technique. You can combine techniques and use them at various times.


It sounds contradictory, but personalization can also be anonymous, such as with recommendation and persuasion techniques. Name or anonymous, the one does not exclude the other. Whatever tools you use, you convince yourself that the experience, needs and preferences of your customer are leading.


The other content of your e-mail or newsletter and your real-time content must also match the intentions of your customers. Personalized landing pages, landing pages with dynamic text replacement and specific keywords, product recommendations based on predictive AI algorithms, targeting, personalized calls to actions, the sky is the limit.

Compare all tools with:

- your personalization goals (what do you want to achieve with them?);
- implementation requirements and ease of use;
- compatibility with your platform and data systems;
- your budget;
- additional support

What is Online Personalization?
Higher customer satisfaction and conversion at lower marketing costs.

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online personalization solutions

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