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Personalizing is automating


Are you going to invest in personalization tools?
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Online Personalization is all about one-to-one communication with your customers. That starts with information, with the analysis and application of customer data and search and purchasing behavior. Online Personalization tools translate your customer data and real-time click behavior into interaction. On site and in your marketing and sales campaigns and on your platform. This allows you to optimize the customer experience and increase the conversion rate.

We provide insight into the total offer

The main purpose of is to provide insight into the wide range of online personalization solutions. This is essential for making well-informed choices. Because solutions differ from each other, developments follow each other in rapid succession and the enormous supply continues to grow steadily.

From information to implementation support
By comparing the various online personalization solutions, you arrive at a first selection. What is your next step? If required, we offer professional support for your final selection, we establish contacts with the relevant supplier (s) and we ensure that the implementation runs smoothly.

Selection advice
Want to know more about existing online personalization techniques, price-performance analysis in advance, integrated platform solutions, drawing up a requirements program and streamlining implementation projects? We are at your service with free orientation and selection advice.

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We offer you insight into existing online personalization possibilities in relation to your specific E-commerce business. We provide information about the IT technical implications and provide substantive support in drawing up a wish list.

Compare and Select

With your functional and budgetary specifications as a guideline, we make a pre-selection of the best matching personalization solutions. Together we make a step-by-step shortlist from the various providers and help with contract negotiations if required.

Support & Activation

When selecting, we also look closely at the after-sales services and support of the personalization suppliers. We offer expert support in the preparations, remain actively involved in the design if desired and ensure successful activation.

The bottom line is:
higher conversion at lower cost.
Ensure independent advice and support from the experts.

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