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Cordial is the cross-channel messaging and data platform for customer-obsessed brands. Collect all your customer data on one platform and use it to build audience segments, discover trends, and automate enterprise-level customer experiences.

A better message leads to higher revenues, uses all your data and creates a better customer experience

Any message, any channel

Send your promotional, transactional and triggered messages from a single platform. Convert anonymous web visitors into loyalty members and grow your list. Experiment with your cart abandonment strategy to increase conversions and personalize the customer journey.

An unlimited canvas for personalizing customer experiences
With unlimited, up-to-the-second customer and company data available in our flexible user interfaces, marketing teams can create personalized messages in Cordial without coding.

Create custom audiences for email, SMS, and mobile push. Extend your reach by syncing with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Faster, stronger and more flexible marketing
Create your own custom user roles to ensure that teams only have access to the components they need.

With our scalable tools for segmentation, personalization, messaging and orchestration, we give you the best options to run cross-channel messaging campaigns in real time, without additional technical resources.