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Socital is an ecommerce marketing platform that addresses the main pain points of merchant, such as lead generation, high cart abandonment rates, and increasing sales.
What makes Socital unique is that the platform allows users to extract customer data from their social media profiles and use it for targeting.

Solution & Product
Socital offers a unique set of tools for data collection, email database segmentation, conversion optimization, targeting and personalization. Any marketer can install, configure and use Socital without encryption.

E-commerce marketers use Socital's campaign editor to create intelligent and responsive pop-ups, promo bars, personalized product recommendations, success messages, scroll boxes, slide-ups, sidebars, and contact and survey forms.

Socital also offers ready-to-use templates designed to improve time efficiency. Custom CSS configuration is also available. All templates are responsive and optimized for all devices to provide an excellent user experience.

A wide variety of triggers and targeting rules help marketers target website visitors with a relevant message based on their behavior and encourage them to take appropriate action. Marketers can reach first-time visitors, repeat customers, shopping cart visitors, specific keyword queries, specific URL queries, and much more at any time.

Socital provides email database segmentation. Marketers can upload, analyze and segment their email database based on information they have about their customers - age, gender and interests.

In-app campaign statistics enable marketers to measure the performance of their campaigns. Real-time insights facilitate interpretation and analysis, enabling them to make smarter decisions and further improve conversion rates.

Socital integrates with hundreds of services and marketing tools in a few clicks.

In addition to the regular email sign-up, Socital offers a Facebook login for lead generation campaigns. It provides a frictionless signup process - one-click enrollment and generates rich customer profiles - name, gender, brand affiliations, and Facebook interests. This collected data can be used for personalization.