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Personify XP
Personify XP

Personify XP automates personalized experiences for your anonymous website visitors through automation and AI without the need for personal data. We use a visitor's behavior to find out the reason behind their visit, which allows our platform to automatically optimize the content and products on the site, generating higher conversion and revenue for those visitors without any prior visit or transaction history. The knowledge generated can then be shared with other systems to radically improve the accuracy of re-targeting and customer acquisition.

Our AI continuously learns and adapts as your visitors' behavior changes, so your customers get the most optimal personalized experiences without high overheads and manual work in building customer journeys.

We provide AI predictions
Use the latest generation of AI to predict visitor goals and drivers in real time
Put real insights behind your experience, with AI and machine learning predicting what each visitor is looking for and how they prefer to make purchasing decisions - all without using cookies.

Dynamic content based on the customer's experience
Integrate your CMS and ensure your most relevant products, banners and sections are the focus from the very first interaction.

Personalized flows
Some visitors prefer product specifications, others like to read reviews. Personify XP understands their preferences and automatically moves your most relevant content further down the page

Performance reports based on current data generated in real time.

You can connect your marketing activities with CRM, analytics tools and numerous platforms we work with - Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress and others.