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Smarter marketing,
from today. intelligently identifies who your customers are and what they need. Ver, according to which, it targets every customer with just that, through every channel. From emails filled with relevant products to just the right web content and push notifications at the right time, makes every message you send a hundred times more efficient - and more powerful.

Samba's AI platform is self-taught, so you don't have to.
We believe that even the smallest e-shops have the right to use the smartest technologies. Just click 'Verzenden' on campaigns prepared for you using smart algorithms, and feel good knowing you're making data-driven decisions thanks to our 18 business analytics - all without being a data scientist.

See results in days. can be easily integrated with your website,
e-shop platform, social media and other favorite marketing tools to help you grow very fast. And thanks to our proprietary predictive algorithms, we only need a small amount of your data to help you see big results.

A smart marketing platform
that collects, analyzes and creates.
Really get to know your customer. looks at your rich data and builds a self-learning AI engine that continuously extracts valuable insights. The result? Professional-looking content that responds to the changing and specific needs of each person.
Real-time behavioral analytics, intelligent forecasting, custom pricing rules, AI-powered recommendations, smart targeting, reliable and immediate reach.

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