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Syte is the world's first retail product discovery platform. We use visual AI to create intuitive search and discovery experiences for all types of buyers.

Creating the best in the world
Image recognition technology
The founders of Syte collaborated with CERN particle physicist Dr. Helge Voss, who would become CTO. Voss' expertise in machine learning and deep neural networks enabled the founding team to build a visual AI-powered platform that recognizes and recommends similar items with unprecedented split-second accuracy, and so Syte was born.

Our solutions include:

Product discovery platform
A unified platform that generates revenue through hyper-personalized, intuitive discovery experiences

Visual Discovery Suite
AI-powered solutions that seamlessly connect inspiration along the customer journey

Searchandising Suite
Next-generation tagging and search solutions to help brands simplify and improve site navigation and increase revenue

Hyper Personalization suite
A suite of innovative personalization solutions that combine real-time behavioral data with visual AI to predict which products are most likely to convert for each customer.

Discovery Marketplace
Connect billions of affected browsers with hundreds of global brands and retailers

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