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Marketing automation is a dynamically evolving technology that marketers and salespeople from many industries are increasingly willing to adopt. By enabling effective and advanced marketing campaigns, they can collect data more effectively, reach potential recipients and, as a result, acquire leads and drive online sales.

Marketing automation from QuarticOn is a tool that allows you to create banners, pop-ups, cyclical email campaigns and one-off newsletters for all or specific, defined groups of recipients. See what the main applications of this tool are in e-commerce.

Database segmentation

Performing effective and personalized email communications is the main task of marketing automation. The system segments users and adds them to specific groups based on various criteria, including activity within the website - which products they've viewed and which they've purchased, as well as when they last visited the store and how much time they spent there. With this knowledge, you can display banners or send content to recipients according to their interests or previous purchase history, effectively persuading them to the brand.


Measuring engagement

With access to the client panel, you get the ability to monitor key KPIs such as open rate and click rate. In addition, we offer the heat link map functionality, which clearly and easily shows how and if subscribers click on the links you place in your emails. Heat link map is a great way to find out what kind of content engages and attracts the attention of your audience. By knowing the intensity of the user's response to certain parts of the message, you'll know where to insert the CTA button or other important information you want to highlight. If you constantly respond and draw conclusions from the statistics, you can develop the messaging model that has the greatest interest among your customers.

Measuring engagement

Restore abandoned shopping baskets

One of the applications of marketing automation in e-commerce is also the recovery of abandoned shopping baskets, which is a common phenomenon in many online stores. When a customer adds products to the shopping cart, but does not complete the shopping, shopping cart rescue campaigns help. Their goal is to complete the order by sending the customer a message reminding them of the products left in the cart. An additional incentive to complete the order can be a discount code or free delivery.

You can also save the basket from abandonment thanks to the use of a pop-up that appears when the user tries to leave your e-shop. In the content of the pop-up, apart from the box for leaving an email address, you can add a discount coupon.

Personalized mailing templates

The knowledge gathered from the marketing automation tool can also be used to create personalized newsletters. QuarticOn's email editor allows you to place an offer directly to a specific group of recipients (products they may be interested in) using recommendation frames.

In addition, it is equipped with a number of tools that save the e-commerce manager's time, enrich the message content and increase the engagement of recipients. They include GIFs, campaign countdown timers or a stock photo library.

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